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Beer bottle Filling Equipment

Beer bottle Filling Equipment

Good China Automatic Beer Glass Bottle Filling Machine & Bottling Machine Cost Beer Bottle Filling Machine Beer Bottling Machine Cost Beer Bottle Filling Equipment Beer bottle Filling Equipment Small Beer Bottling Machine Product Description: This machine adopts bottle bottom conveying...

Product Description:

This machine adopts bottle bottom conveying structure and filling valve lifting, so that the delivery bottle is more reliable. Different bottle types simply adjust the bottle bottle height, filling, capping and a small number of replacement parts. So the replacement of bottles more efficient and labor-saving; The machine uses negative pressure filling, filling with fast positioning, liquid surface high-precision advantages; spring clamp hand washing, empty bottles and orbital automatically turn 180 degrees, washing machine efficiency; The lid is sealed by the two sides of the cover, without damage to the cover, reliable sealing; capping type aerodynamic cover classification, will not damage the cover, feeding bottles using bottle screws, So that the whole operation more stable.

Main Function

1.Glass bottles

2.Aluminum cover or crown cover


4.The alcohol / vodka / wine portion is made of stainless steel

5.With PLC control system

6.Stepless timing with frequency conversion

7.Bottleneck lock system, simply adjust the conveyor chain height, you can easily replace the bottle

8.No bottles are not flushed

9.No bottles without filling

10.No bottle did not cover

Technical Data:


2000~3000BPH (The filling speed is adjustable)

Rinsing heads


Filling heads


Capping heads


Frequency converter




Main motor


Rinsing water pressure

0.06 MPa < P ≤ 0.2 MPa

Pressure of Liquid tank




Our Advantage:

Design Ability

All the machines designed by CAD.

Manufacturing Ability

Mechanical parts: high quality stainless steel, processed by CNC.


Electrical parts from world famous suppliers.


Focus on beverage and pharmaceutical packing machines.
Exported to over 45 countries with good reputation.
10 years Alibaba Golden supplier without complaint.

Good Service

Service include complete production line design, manufacturing, on-site installation & aftersales maintenance.

Export Experience

Exported to over 45 countries, with good reputation.

Profession on Export

Authorized import & export licence.

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