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Small Automatic Mineral Pure Water Bottling Machine

Small Automatic Mineral Pure Water Bottling Machine

Small Automatic Mineral Pure Water Bottling Machine ----------- Brief information Zhangjiagang Reliable Machinery Co., Ltd

Small Automatic Mineral Pure Water Bottling Machine

--------  Breif Introdution:
1.Small Automatic Mineral / Pure Water Bottling Machine adopted most advanced technology from Japan and Germany is employed in the design. The gravity fixed liquid surface filling is used.
2. The automatic filling way is fast, the amount of liquid is accurately controlled and the dropping and leakage are avoided.
3. Spring cramps are used in the bottle washing process. The empty bottles can be turned over180~ along the conveying rail.
4. There are two times of internal and external washing, the efficiency of bottle washing is high.
washing, filling, capping 3-in-1 production line can be divided into three parts based on main functions.

--------- The Rinsing Part
The bottle is blew into the bottle shifting wheel, when the flushing clamp reaches the bottle neck, the jaw will clamp the bottleneck, under the guidance of the rail, the clamp will turn the bottle 180° Into an upright position, through second bottle pusher into the filling position. (the whole machine contains 8~12 sets of clamps )
------- The Filling Part
The filling part is manly composed of a filling valve and filling transmission parts. The washed bottle reaches the filling position via the bottle shifting wheel. In the mean time, the bottle clamping plate of the filling machine will clamp the bottle and move up to seal the bottle, filling valve will open, send the liquid into the bottle. When the liquid level of the bottle reaches the trachea of the filling valve, the filling will stop.
-------- The Capping Part
The capping part consists of 3~12 sets of screw head, capping transmission part, a sorting part and an under cover tube parts. The bottle which has finished filling will enter the capping position via the driving wheel. The photoelectric detection of the detecting signal detects the bottle, send a message to the valve cover, the cylinder cap will open, the caps will be blew into the cover plate by compressed air. The screw head which has magnetic torque will come down when it gets in a straight line with the bottle cap, the rotary cap ring gear seizes the cap and move forward, the cap lid the bottle and screw. When the torque out numbered the adjusted magnetic, the capping head will automatically slip, thus protect the cap from being damaged by the rotary cap ring gear. Bottles that have finished capping will be transported by the bottle pusher to the conveyor belt.
Small Automatic Mineral Pure Water Bottling Machine

--------- Technical Parameters :
Number of heads: 14 Rinsing heads,12 Filling heads,4 Capping heads
Applicable bottle size: PET bottle
Diameter: 150-195 mm
Bottle height: 230~360mm
Rated Capacity 3000BPH(5.0L)
Cap Style Plastic Screw Cap 46mm Neck for PET Bottles
Volume: 6.0/8.0/10.0Liters
Timing Type: Transducer
Washing Drop dryer time: 3.4sec
Filling temperature: <40°C
Compress air wastage: 0.8~1M 3 /hour
Pressure of washing: 0.25-0.3Mpa
Pressure of filling : 0.15~0.35Mpa
Main machine Power : 3.0KW
Overall size :3050*2050*2200mm Weight :3500Kgs

-----------  Brief information

Brief IntroductionZhangjiagang Reliable Machinery Co.,Ltd is a hi-tech designing and manufacturing enterprise,
which is specialized in beverage production and packing complete lines as well as various water 
treatment machines. We are one of the earliest companies  engaged in manufacturing liquid
filling and packing equipment in China.

Main ProductsLiquid filling machines (water,fruit juice/tea, carbonated drink, oil, alcohol, plant protein drink, 
etc.), Barreled filling line(3-5 gallon) Water treatment machines, Labeling & packing machines, 
semi-automatic/full automatic bottle blowing machines, and injection molding machines.

Good Servicewe also supply technique consultation, factory construction design plan, equipment installation 
and adjustment, technology training and other after-sales services.Now our products are exported to over ten countries and regions, including Southeast 
Asia, Russia, the Commonwealth of the Independent States, Western Asia and South Africa.

Payment100%L/C at sight or T/T are both acceptable 

Delivery TimeIt is based on what kind of products you ordered, but usually it will take about 30 days after 
receiving your down payment and sample bottles with caps.


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