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The One Part Of CIP System Device For Fruit Juice &Tea Filling Machine

The One Part of CIP System Device For Fruit juice &Tea Filling machine

CIP system


Technical features for CIP system

CIP cleaning device can be used as a non-resolved production equipment as well as the simple operation method full-automatic CIP cleaning deviced not only can clean the machine . but also can control the mi-crobiology cleaning method.

CIP cleaning deviced possess the possess merits :

1.Make the production plan rationalize and improve the production ability

2.Comparing with washing in hand , it can maintain effect of washing , it not only has not influence the cleaning effect

due to different operators , but also it can deve-lop the products quality.

3.It can prevent the dangerous while cleaning operation , save the operation time and labor strength.

4.It can save the cleaning agent , steam , water and production cost.

5.It can increase the use year limit of the machine parts.

6.CIP cleaning device divides into manual and halt- automatic and fuu- automatic kinds , which can be selected by uesers


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